Here are a number of links and information regarding the DEWLine that I’ve found helpful or interesting.

Larry Wilson’s DEWLine pages. This excellent site is probably the largest and most referenced Internet site regarding all things DEWLine. This is the starting point for anyone wanting to research this topic.

DEWLine Virtual Museum. This website was established to make up, in part, for the lack of physical artifacts that are available for exhibit. The site is full of information, reference material, and links that will be of interest to anyone interested in researching the Distant Early Warning Radar Line (DEWLine).


My book, “Adventures from the Coldest Part of the Cold War”.
Both a paperback and e-book version of my DEWLine adventures is now available at Amazon. Proceeds from the sale of the books goes towards maintaining Larry Wilson’s DEWLine website (link).

The original document from which much of the material on this web was derived, is still available as a PDF download. The original document was updated to include my 2012 trip back to FOX Main (Hall Beach) for a stroll down memory lane.

Download a copy today. (2.8 meg download.)

Hall Beach DVD Cover

Video: DEWLine (FOX Main) Hall Beach – 50 Years Later.
An Old DEWLiner’s Pilgrimage.

This is a 25 minute video slideshow of my stroll down memory lane during my pilgrimage to Hall Beach NU (FOX Main) in July 2012. It’s a combination of slides and videos of the site as it is today and includes a video tour of the inside of the main modules.

You can watch the video below.

DEWLine Videos: The DEWLine Virtual Museum has compiled a list of videos pertaining to the DEWLine. Some of professionally made documentary while others are personal videos.

Summary of the DEWLine project. From Wikipedia. The additional links will give you even more information.

List of DEWLine Sites. From Wikipedia.

My Hobby: Check out my hobby web site at which is the amateur radio call-sign that I currently hold.