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My name is Brian Jeffrey, although my name when I was on the DEWLine was Brian Simon, the latter being my adopted surname. I changed back to my birth name, Jeffrey, after leaving the DEWLine. I had been known as Brian Simon from about the age of six, to about 24, so anyone who worked with me on the DEWLine or who went to school with me in those early years will have no idea who Brian Jeffrey is (or where Brian Simon went!).

I served on the DEWLine from July 1960 until March 1963 when I went South for the last time. As I write this, some 48 years have gone by since I first heard about the DEWLine. This, then, is a stroll down one person’s memory lane with all the inaccuracies and embellishments that come with the passing of time.

In 2012 I had an opportunity to return to the DEWLine for one last time. The youngest technician to have gone to the DEWLine in 1960, I am probably the oldest DEWLiner to have ever returned. You can read all about that adventure in the Hall Beach 2012 section of this site. Enjoy.

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Brian Jeffrey
1451 Donald Munro Dr.
Carp (Ottawa), Ontario   K0A 1L0
Email: Brian@DEWLine.ca.

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  1. Lyall LaLonde says:

    Great work Brian, DewLine Adventures brings back a lot of good memories for me.
    Red Chenil was our chef at Fox 3 Dec 1959 to June 1960 I was a site mechanic there.
    I also worked a lot with Ray Dawes at Fox Main and Cam Dog.
    Bill Wands worked in the SCOP’s office @ Fox Main, when I worked Fox Sector crew so I seen him often.
    I managed to locate Bill after I got to chat with you, I had him on the telephone but he seemed very much out of it, did not remember anything and did not want to talk.
    I am sure it was him as I recognized the voice. Maybe I should have tried again at a later date.
    Then he was SCOP at Cam Main when I worked sector crew out of Cam Main.
    I had good times when I worked my final years with DLM @ Fox Main, the experience sure helped me along with my later years in business.
    I always look back at the Dewline as the best job I ever had and the best of training.
    Margie @ I are both on our second marriages. Everything is great and enjoying retirement.
    We try and play some golf and look after all the good times that come along.
    Keep up the good work Brian, I look forward to you Photo’s

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