Dewline-Aligning the lateral system

The aligning of the lateral system was abig monthly affair. The lateral sysem was our station-to-station communications system.

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  1. Ron Bluemer, museum director says:

    I am the Executive Director of the LaSalle county historical museum in Utica and author of the book Back to the 50’s in which you guys who trained at Streator were featured on the topic of civil defense in the 50’s. I am also including you guys in our new museum exhibit on the Cold War. I interviewed a couple of the guys who trained at Streator. Sorry I missed you.
    I wish someone had taken more photos of the site before it was abandoned in 75.
    I was an A1C USAF Security Service Russian intercept airman in the 60’s. So we were all looking for Bears.
    Thanks for posting all these photos. They’re all I have to exhibit except to the DEW line booklet 25 Years DEW.
    If you have any souvenirs of the Streator installation or at your DEW line base you’d like to be displayed I’d be happy to do it for you.

    • Brian says:


      Thanks for visiting my DEWLine website and for contacting me.
      Like you, I’m a bit saddened by the loss of the Streator Facility as an artifact. It certainly had a small place in Cold War History. I had planned to pay the old site a visit this summer and “view the ruins” but I had to postpone it due to an expired passport. It’s still on my personal travel agenda.

      If I do manage to get down there, a visit to your museum would be in order. Would you please send me some details? Thanks.

      One source of additional material (and memories) of Streator might be my DEWLine friend, Paul Kelley, who now lives in Wales. Paul and I were on the Line about the same time and he is a prodigious packrat and has all kind of stuff from those days. More importantly, he has an incredible memory and a penchant for detailed documenting of the memories. I’m sure that Paul would be delighted to pass along his stuff to you. Just ask.

      Brian J.

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