CF-IQM 1960 Nordair

This is the aircraft that took me North for the first time in July 1960.

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  1. Dan says:

    Nordair management were difficult negotiators. They had the biggest share of the transportation budget for the DEWLINE. Turboprop FH-227s replaced the older aircraft in 1971-72.

  2. Eric Buckley says:

    CF-IQM was with Wheeler Airlines in 1956. My father, R. D. “Red” Buckley was with Wheeler at that time, flying cargo for the DEW line. I have a photo album my dad put together, and IQM (and many others) is in it, as are many others. Couldn’t find any of him with the a/c, however.

    Interested in connecting with other people who might have worked with my father in the cold, far north.

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