Bombardier’s original Snowmobile

Original “Snowmobile.”

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  1. Robert Moultrie says:

    I arrived at CAM on the DEW LINE early November 1956 and returned to the USA the middle of July 1957. I forget my job title but duties were keeping records, arranging transportation, typing correspondence, filing. Really like a secretary. We had some very exciting times in the FFN. One Sunday we were out on the frozen sea in our snowmobile when we came upon a very distinguished looking Eskimo and his very large Dogsled. After stopping to talk with us, we found that he was an GRADUATE of Oxford university in England. The people in the village were very intelligent and industrious. The experience is something that I will always remember. A real great bunch of people from all over north America made the trip worth every month.

    • Brian says:

      You were certainly one of the early DEWLine people. I didn’t arrive until 1960, which was still early in the life of the Line. Like you, once you’ve experienced the Arctic and its people, you never forget the experience. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your experience. Most appreciated.
      Brian J.

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